Emotional Support Animal


Protected by Fair Housing Amendments & Air Carrier Access Act

Recognized in All 50 States

Recognized by Airlines for free flying

Recognized by Housing Pet Policy

Approved for all breeds

service dog id category
Service dog id

Service Dog


Supported by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Recognized in All 50 States, Canada, E.U. & Parts of Asia.

Recognized by Airlines for free flying

Recognized by Housing Pet Policy

Approved for all breeds

Therapy dog id category
Therapy Dog ID Card

Therapy Dog


Recognized by hospitals, nursing, and other facilities.

Approved by special needs centers

Approved for all breeds

Accepted in the physical and psychosocial arenas.

Standard Pet Companion Access

Service Animal ID Cards

Reduce the stress of traveling with your four-legged friend with Service Animal ID Cards!

Features & Benefits


  • TSA Compliant: Our cards have been screened by TSA and meet all government regulations
  • Minimizes the stresses of traveling with your four-legged partner
  • Reduces public confrontations and challenges
  • Eliminates tedious questioning from airport personnel
  • Comes customized with your credentials and your dog’s photo
  • Each order includes membership to Myussar.com: America’s Largest Service Dog, Emotional Support, & Therapy Dog Registry

Speed Up Your Travel Process

Proven to speed up the airport security process, TSA Compliant Service Animal ID Cards offer a way for airport personnel to quickly identify you and your dog by providing all of you and your dog’s personal information and credentials in an easy-to-read format that reduces confusion and disputes often caused by miscommunication.

About Us


While working as a business ID badge printer, John Souffront received a request from a customer to create a service dog ID. After that initial request, word spread about the service dog ID, and John began to receive an overwhelming amount of requests for service animal IDs from pet owners.

A few years later during his wedding in 2013, John received a prophecy of a shower of blessings from his pastor, Bill Moreno, who encouraged the newlyweds to redirect all the company’s resources into their printing business.

Only a few months later, Pastor Moreno’s prophecy came true… not only did the customers start pouring in, but with business quickly booming, the website quickly shot up to # 1 on all internet searches.

Today, XpressID continues to operate with even more passion and drive than they did during their initial start in 2013 due to their strong creative spirit that continually pushes them towards new innovations in the Plastic Identification Vertical field.

Owned and operated by XpressID, ServiceAnimalBadge.com strives to build a long-lasting relationships with all of its customers.

Service Dog ID Card In Hand.

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