Emotional Support Animal

Protected by Fair Housing Amendments Act & Air Carrier Access Act

Recognized in All 50 States

Recognized by Airlines for free flying

Recognized by Housing Pet Policy

Approved for all breeds



Service Dog

Protected by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Recognized in All 50 States, Canada, E.U. & Parts of Asia.

Recognized by Airlines for free flying

Recognized by Housing Pet Policy

Approved for all breeds

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Therapy Dog

Recognized by hospital, nursing and other facilities.

Approved by special needs centers

Approved for all breeds

Accepted in the physical and psychosocial arenas.

Standard Pet Companion Access

Value & Perks of Ownership

Our Service Animal ID Cards will help soothe part of the stresses of traveling with your four legged partner. Your card will be customized to your credentials and dog photo, this feature alone decreases disputes and contest. Our cards have been put to the test by customers and the feedback has been Strong. Testimonials have said that our service animal id’s have dramatically sped up the process of getting through airport security, pet restricted areas and others without the arguments and confrontations they faced prior to having a Service animal Id card.

Why Us ?

1. TSA Compliant: Our cards have been screened by TSA and meet all   Government regulations.

2. Registry Ready: Each order Includes membership to U.S. Service Animal  Registry. 

3. Copyright Protected: Our unique designs and layouts have been registered  with the U.S. Copyright office, Certificate of registration #:TX 8-262-980.


• Reduce’s confrontations and challenges from uneducated individuals.
• Eliminate’s questioning & hassle by gatekeepers.
• Minimize the stresses of traveling with your four legged partner.
• Customized with your credentials and animal photo.

Female hand holding blank transparent business card in hand. Collection set. Isolated on white.

Did you know?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that proof of “certification or license” cannot be required by any business or organization for access if your dog meets the requirements of a service animal and you meet the requirements for a person with a legal disability. However, many businesses and employees are not be aware of this ADA law. A proper service animal ID card will reduce or eliminate these frustrating situations and confrontations..

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XpressID Inc. was established in 2010 since then, it has been providing a world-class service to its customers and an unparalleled ID card expertise in the Plastic Card industry. We offer our professional printing services to a wide range of industries; schools, universities, police and fire department, health care, churches, HR department, security firms, city government, media, construction firms and airlines and military branches.
The unique thing about XpressID is that we are prepared for each and every project, no matter how big it is. Our goal is to fabricate long haul associations with their customers.

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