Digital Service Dog ID (Custom) Includes Dog Registration

Receive your digital ID card via email by Mar 28

$ 25.00

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Benefits of The Digital Version

  • FAST DELIVERY: This is a digital product that is delivered via email to you after purchase. we typically take 1-2 days for production (excluding holidays and weekends).
  • MOBILITY: Digital ID Card, carry it inside all your mobile devices.
  • NO MORE LOST IDs: Users never have to worry about losing their ID cards again. IDs can be easily accessed or removed from any of their devices.
  • WORKS OFFLINE: No network connection needed to use digital ID cards that have been stored on your device.
  • SPEED UP: A Service Dog ID Card can dramatically speed up your process of getting through airport security, entering stores etc. without arguments or confrontations.
  • DESIGN: Unique and Professional Card design
  • TRUST: Over 60,000 Happy Customers Served review us today

What’s included ?

  • Personalized Digital Service Dog ID
  • Front and Back Copies
  • Complimentary Registration number from


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ID Photo Guidelines

  • Keep It Simple and Choose a Photos from your Photo Library
  • The most important part of your ID is your animals face.
  • It is best to avoid using any photos that have been edited with filters (examples: black and white, sepia, any Snapchat filter, etc.) .


These are the  available field you can personalize:

Required: Handler NameHandler Photo, Animal NameAnimal Photo, 

OptionalPhone NumberAddressRegistry Number.

Service Dog Registration 

Easily, register your service dog at no cost at Registration is not required, but our registry is unlike other registration sites. We have a custom built a registry service that allows a handler to use a variety of different features including doctor letter upload, animal vaccine upload, Handler Emergency contact information and much more.

Note: We do not share your information with any third party entity.

The Birth Of The Digital Dog ID

So the idea behind the Digital Service Dog ID was one that was born in a rather strange way. A customer we were working with asked for a proof of his physical Service dog ID that was in the production stage at the time. After a few emails and phone calls we learned he needed to catch an emergency flight so we send him a proof as a PDF so he can show to the airlines. A few days later he called to thank us for the fast proofing and shipping of his card and told us the story of how the digital version worked just fine. As a result, we decided to officially sell Digital Service Dog ID’s. The rest is history, since launching customers tell us they love to buy these just in case they lose their physical card they have a back up on their phones or emails. Likewise, we love to make them, we hope you love to share them.

Need Help?  

contact us 1-800-585-1093



Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Delivery takes usually 4-6 business days excluding sundays and holidays. Our production and mailing hours are Mon-Fri 9am- 5pm. Returns can be received if you are not 100% happy with the product. We issue refunds upon receiving your product back in our fulfillment center. Allow 3-4 days for refund to post in your credit/debit card.

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